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SAP EWM Basic Customizing

We are proud to present to you - our SAP EWM Basic Customizing Guide - SAP EWM 110 +1

Why plus 1? Because we always try to give you a little bit extra you won’t get in other courses out there.


- More insights

- More connections between the separate elements of SAP EWM

- More truly relevant topics


We try to focus on the really important topics, how we can set them up in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management System and how they influence other settings and objects in the system.


Our goal was to offer the best Basic SAP EWM Customizing Guide out there that enables you to truly understand how SAP EWM works and how you can set up a basic Customizing yourself.

Please have a look at the course curriculum - we tried to set it up as detailed as we possibly could so you really know which topics we are covering.

And in the first part of this course we are going to focus on the following topics:


- The Structural Elements and Master Data

- Warehouse Monitor Adjustments

- Warehouse Process Types in SAP EWM

- The Inbound Process

- Putaway Strategies in SAP EWM

- The Outbound Process

- Warehouse Order Creation in SAP EWM

- Ad-Hoc Movements and Replenishment

- Storage Control

- Posting Changes and Stock Transfers

- The Physical Inventory Process

- Basic Post Processing Framework

- Performance Guide


FORMAT: Video-Course
DURATION: 9,5 hours

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