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Poker Course "Starter" | Value Poker

This 6 hour video-course specifically provides you with comprehensive and easy to follow game-plans for all preflop and the majority of postflop situations up to NL 200 6-max cash-games, as well as live plays across various stakes. The course includes the following modules, which will build up your poker skill-level step-by-step and allow you to start consistently winning at the tables:

  1. Poker Fundamentals (3 chapters)
  2. 3-Bet Pot Aggressor (7 chapters)
  3. 3-Bet Pot Defender (8 chapters)
  4. Single Raise Pot Aggressor (7 chapters)
  5. Single Raise Pot Defender (8 chapters)
  6. 4-Bet Pots (2 chapters)
  7. Live-Plays & Exploits (5 chapters)

Value Poker's poker course "Starter" includes not only the video course, but also Live-Plays, Pre-Flop Ranges, Gameplay Quizzes after each chapter and more.

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Why others like Value Poker.

Alex Stockton | UK:

I found Value Poker on YouTube and dug a little deeper to find out about their mentoring program and the online courses. Everything I have used and seen from them was easy to understand and has clearly improved my poker game.

Matthias Buchhardt | GER:

Can strongly recommend the coaching and the YouTube channel - Value Poker to me is fun and learning at the same time.

Alex Stochanovich | AUT:

I compared some offers for Poker Courses and Value Poker clearly has the most underrated Poker knowledge out there. They focus on their services and not on flashy marketing campaigns, which made me trust them and I haven't come to regret my decision since then.

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