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Online Workshop - Your Image Campaign - English

In this Workshop we talk about our strongest marketing and branding tool: Own Image Campaigns! After our rebranding in 2016 we shot 16 own image campaigns in one year next to our regular wedding season. We managed to transform our business completely within a year. Now it's your turn!! This workshop is not just for photographers who want to take a path similar to ours. The workshop is made for every photographer who wants to shape their business, change it in a certain direction and therefore take it to the next level. We share all our knowledge, insights, tips and tricks with you and take you on the journey of our 2019 Image Campaign.

This package contains more than 3 hours of video footage.

What we’re teaching

Introducing the topics

This chapter is all about mindset. The right mindset is the basic requirement to become successful as a self-employed person. It is also about dreams, goals, fear and how these things can make an impact on your life.

Your own image campaign
Producing our own image campaigns have been our strongest and most effective marketing tool in the last 5 years. This chapter will show you how important it is to use this tool for your business. We also explain 3 different ways in which we categorize our campaigns.

The approach to find inspiration
Our image campaigns have set trends and have inspired the entire wedding world again and again. But how do you find inspiration for your very personal campaign? We show 5 ways to find inspiration.

Develop your own mood-board
After you’ve found your inspiration it’s time to visualize it. We will discuss how we proceed and also provide our mood board template as a Photoshop file.

How do you find and choose the right models?
In this chapter we show you 6 ways to find model couples for your image campaign! Because your whole project stands and falls with the couple.

The right team
What should be considered when putting together the right team? And how do you convince other service providers for your project?

What costs can be expected when implementing an image campaign and how do we handle it?

Own Image Campaign vs. Work for Free
Inexperienced photographers often tend to undercut each other when it comes to a wedding at a certain destination, for example. In this chapter you will find out why this doesn’t lead to your goal and how you can use own image campaigns instead.

Own Image Campaign vs. Styled Shoot Workshop
We talk about the pros and cons of styled shoot workshops and explain why it makes sense to choose the stairs (in the form of image campaigns) instead of the elevator!

Image campaigns to..
..conquer a destination market.
..conquer a local market.
..extend your season from 6 to 12 months.
This chapter is about how you can use your image campaigns to effectively improve your business.

Live shoot
We take you on the journey of our 2019 image campaign. In more than 90 minutes of exclusive video footage you will follow along (virtually) and look over our shoulders. We can’t wait to take you with us to this super exciting day.

Review + final gallery
You get an insight into our final photo gallery and also the link to our online gallery. We discuss the results, and also talk about things we’d improve the next time and for sure composition.

Photoshop-, PDF- and e-mail templates are included
Photoshop mood-board template including a how-to-use-tutorial
E-mail templates
PDF planning checklist
Example timeline


After the purchase you will receive your login info via mail! Find your online class in our member area where you can log in easily. The videos work on all devices and you can watch them when and wherever you want.

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