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Poker Module Level 1 - Poker Fundamentals + Live Plays

Learn fundamentals of the poker game that most players overlook, including watch some of our coaches in action with recently recorded Live-Plays.


Poker Module Level 1 - 3-Bet Pot Aggressor

Learn our simplified 3B Pot strategies to start winning big in big pots.


Poker Module Level 1 - 3-Bet Pot Defender

Avoid big mistakes and develop a fundamentally sound defence for 3-bet pots.


Poker Module Level 1 - PIO Solver Basics

Learn how to approach PIO Solver the Value Poker way to get maximum results in your poker studies and in mathematically improving your game.


Poker Module Level 1 - Single Raise Pot Defender

Learn and understand which hands you should defend in which positions at the poker table and why.


Poker Module Level 1 - Single Raise Pot Agressor

Probably the most important spot in no limit Hold´em 6-max. so it is about time you learn how to make auto-profits vs. most opponents.


Poker Module Level 2 - Big Blind vs Small Blind Defense

Learn how to master wide ranges Blind vs. Blind and dominate your opponents in this important formation, which is a major source for your win-rate.


Poker Module Level 2 - 3-Bet Pot, Flopp raises + Turn shoves

Develop an aggressive playing style in 3-bet pots and establish raising and shoving ranges to exploit your opponents to the maximum.


Poker Module Level 3 - Barreling in Position

Learn a unique approach to barreling in position to maximize your winnings.


Poker Module Level 3 - Big Blind Defense

Knowing how to defend the Big Blind is a win-rate defining spot in any player´s game. Get our full game plan and stop bleeding money away.


Poker Module Level 3 - Defense vs Raise

Learn how to precisely construct your defence vs. raises in any position at the poker table.

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Why others like Value Poker.

Alex Stockton | UK:

I found Value Poker on YouTube and dug a little deeper to find out about their mentoring program and the online courses. Everything I have used and seen from them was easy to understand and has clearly improved my poker game.

Matthias Buchhardt | GER:

Can strongly recommend the coaching and the YouTube channel - Value Poker to me is fun and learning at the same time.

Alex Stochanovich | AUT:

I compared some offers for Poker Courses and Value Poker clearly has the most underrated Poker knowledge out there. They focus on their services and not on flashy marketing campaigns, which made me trust them and I haven't come to regret my decision since then.

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