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Julia Oehme Fotografie Presets

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17 Presets for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC & Adobe Camera Raw

  • JOF Basic - My go-to preset for all my studio sessions! Provides creamy skin tones and removes unsightly color casts
  • JOF Indoor Backlight - Works well indoors for backlit images
  • 2 Outdoor-Presets - Emphasize golden light, one for warm greens and one for cooler greens
  • 4 Presets zur Detailanpassung - Save Highlights, highlight macro details, fine & strong Noise
  • 3 Presets for a subtle extra tone - warm, white and white + (The latter two will remove even the last color cast from the whites of your images without attacking skin tones!)
  • 6 Black and White Presets - 3 for RAW, 3 for Jpeg-files


  • 1 PDF that tells you exactly which preset to use for what, how to get the most out of the presets, and how to customize them to your liking.


After the purchase you can download everything directly and try it out immediately.




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