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Connect - A powerful tool for your wellbeing

Connect is an easy to use and extremely powerful tool, to activate and balance your energy system, getting out of negative mental programing and to connect you to your inner strength, in just a view minutes.

It supports you to

  • get a clear & focused mind
  • activate your life force
  • activate your creativity

The tool explained

Christian explains the tool in this short video.

What you get

You get a sound file with an energetic clearing working in the background. Every time you listen to it, it gets deeper in the clearing.

You can use it whenever you feel out of balance, triggered or if you feel the strong call to connect to your inner strength.

After payment you get the link to download the mp3 sound file and the pdf with a detailed description of the tool.

Enjoy the process of connecting to your inner strength!

What people say after using the tool

Customer Feedback I

"Wow! This 8 minutes have been so relaxing. Thank you so much for this clear and intense relaxation. I will integrate this tool in my daily routine."

Customer Feedback II

"After listening to the sound file several times a day for a view days now, I feel super charged. All heaviness is gone. Light streaming in. Your Frequency Healing lifted me up and out and I am at completely different place now. Thank you so much Christian. It feels like you saved my life."

Customer Feedback III

"Your energy arrived in my life before I even listened to the sound file. The day before I received it, I felt new life creeping in, my old curiosity and optimism returning. I've listened now twice and I know the gifts will continue to unfold. Can’t thank you enough for this gift Christian." 

Customer Feedback IV

"Thank you so much for this tool. I instantly felt an electric stream flowing trough my spine listening to the sound file and I feel that old patterns have been tranformed. It is so easy to use and so powerful. Thank you Christian."

Customer Feedback V

"Today I was surrounded by shimmering white light beings and it felt like I am one too."


This powerful tool was created for your wellbeing

by Christian Walker

Geimoosstrassse 10 | 8712 Stäfa | Switzerland




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