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Basic Homeopathy human kindness with cancer special summit

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Cancer therapy in practice. How to discriminate if homeopathy has helped the patient or other influences?
Tjado Galic

Why the most serious diseases of our time affect the lungs. The organ-conflict relationship in cancer.
Dr. phil. Rosina Sonnenschmidt

This interview is a highlight of the congress! Meditation and the lighting of the inner path are pillars of our humanity.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Contemporary remedies for the aftercare of Covid-19. The potentiation of vaccines.
John Morgan

The latest study results on homeopathy and its implications for medicine.
Dana Ullman

Presentation of the different vaccines, study results, approval, side effects, and advantages & disadvantages of the mRNA vaccines.
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Schnittger

Why we are on the verge of a major change, but cannot force it.
Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther

Successfully resolving serious pathologies and unresolved conflicts.
Hans Wilhelm

The latest evidence-based study on homeopathic cancer support, with results that seem normal for practitioners but astonish sceptics.
Prof. Dr. Michael Frass

„Legal status“ and „legal certainty“ of homeopathic medicinal products.
Dr. Michael Leisten

How raw/vegan food can be integrated into life in a very delicious and completely different way.
Ulrike Eder

Increasing prescribing safety in medical practice.
Michael Kohl

How can autism and ADHD be successfully treated homeopathically?
Dr. Kavita Chandak

How we can look forward to a new consciousness now.
Anne Schadde

Why we can achieve deep healing through the ‚Perception Method‘.
Jürgen Weiland

A call for a coherent and courageous life.
René Gräber

World famous for developing the Sehgal Method, which was the inspiration of some great Indian teachers.
Dr. Sanjay & Dr. Sidant Sehgal

The world’s largest digital library of  trials.
Roland Methner

What makes a strong and fulfilling partnership?
Doris & Mathias Berner

Amethyst- The Frog Prince- C4 and the New Age
Edith Helene Dörre

The responsible handling and miasmatic treatment of cancer, illustrated in different cases.
Dr. med. Angelika Czimmek

How can we become human again? How can homeopathy support us in this?
Mike Keszler

Cancer healing and personal responsibility, homeopathy and dark field microscopy. The special C4 prescriptions, and why you should never give advice.
Sabine Goertzen

Why it is essential for long-term healing to stay with the same, well-chosen, constitutional remedy for a very long time.
Josef-Karl Graspeuntner

My healing path for cancer! The intrepid path of healing with homeopathy, and a new way of life.
Angelika Hutmacher

What are the causes of cancer in animals?
Dr. med. vet. Cayra Arcangioli-Studler

Cancer treatment in animals. What is important? How do I proceed? Why does homeopathy work so well? What can be the cause of tumours? How do animals feel?
Dr. med. vet. Josiane Gaspard

Lecture on various cases in cancer treatment. Why Indian allopathic doctors like to work with homoeopaths.
Dr. Jawahar J. Shah

The causes of cancer and the accompaniment of different types of cancer.
Dr. Dario Spinedi

Cancer treatment in children and women.
Dr. Farokh Master

An impressive story of healing cancer.
Patient report Dr. phil Rosina Sonnenschmidt & Magie Odermatt

The basic conditions for successful cancer treatment.
Dr. Alok Pareek

The themes behind Ananda’s groundbreaking documentary: Magic Pills.
Ananda More

A comprehensive lecture on healing thyroid problems.
Clementina Rabuffetti

The 4 medically important points for a strong immune system. The connection between sugar, fattening metabolism and immune deficiency.
Dr. Michael Spitzbart

Why homeopathy works better when we are „well populated“.
Jürgen Amthor

Why Bach flowers can be an ideal companion in homeopathic treatment, and how they effectively accompany the process of consciousness.
Lisa Berman

How does autohaemotherapy work, and how can it be successfully used with complex remedies?
Michael Münch

Why the butterflies and dairy remedies cover important issues in the crisis.
Ulrike Müller

How the combination of different homeopathic approaches can lead to the best results.
Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

Innovative treatment approaches with homeopathy which have been very successful in treating severe pathologies and cancer.
Dr. Georg Kneißl

Why every body can heal itself if we don’t stand in its way.
Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther

Cancer – in men! Can we also do something preventive?
Bettina Gooßen

How can quantum physics help us cope with vaccination?
René Gräber

How do high potencies affect cancer cells?
Jens Wurster, MD

The four levels and 12 stages of health, in relation to severe pathologies and sustainable healing.
Prof. Dr. med. Jorgos Kavouras

Cancer is not an emergency, it can be a new beginning. A very important interview by two profound experts.
Dr. Miguel Corty Friedrich und Dr. Michaela Dane

How dangerous is the new vaccine for our health?
Jens Wurster, MD

Healing with and without chemotherapy. Presentation of the Samuel Hanemann Clinic.
Dr. med. Bruno Mey

What can stand in the way of curing cancer?
Dr. med. Philipp Lehrke

Gemstone remedies and their effect on our psyche.
Peter Tumminello

The biological explanation of mRNA – vaccination. Possibilities, limits and dangers.
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Schnittger


Long Covid & Covid Vaccination treatment


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