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True Health Membership

My name is Johanna Froese and I help people with health problems, who tried *everything* but still didn't get the results they wish for. 

I've been studying and experimenting with several natural healing methods for nearly 10 years now until I found 'the one' that is actually working. Ever since I was able to cure several ‚diseases‘ such as heavy migraines, thyroid issues, psoriasis, infertility, hair loss, chronic cystitis, kidney stones and even more. 


I also watched Dr. Morses Level 1 Detox course online and have been helping people to get their health back for a while now. 


And here is how you can benefit from that without spending tons of money 

I used to work with 1:1 clients who payed me $990 / month and I liked it. 

However, I am aware of the fact that not everybody can afford to pay that kind of money, especially when you are physically unwell and can't work. 


This is why I created a new and different way to help more people get rid of their health problems that is VERY AFFORDABLE and still very effective: The True Health Membership


What would it be like to feel strong and powerful in your own body? 

How much joy can you imagine to feel when you can finally go on all the adventures that your illness has been keeping your from doing? 


Your body is a divine being and it is here to serve you during your time on this planet. It WANTS to be healthy. And it will start healing itself as soon as you step out of the way! 


As a member of the True Health Membership you will learn exactly what to do and you will have loving support along the way. For as long as you need it. I want to see you succeed!! 


Healing does not have to take that long. 

In fact, in can happen very quickly. 

Even if you have cancer or something like that. 


Because your body will return to it’s natural state of health as soon as you let it. It’s that simple. 


Are you ready to be truly healthy? 

Become a member now!


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