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What to expect when reading this book

  • Many hearts ♡ ♡ ♡ , because to paint hearts and rainbows is a specialty of the ‘heart-kids’

  • A new perspective, to explore new aspects of your child and maybe even yourself

  • Knowledge and understanding of the not yet characterized qualities of emotionally gifted “heart- kids” and “heart-people” (in the medical term “hypermirroring”)

  • Examples of my practical experiences with children and teenagers

  • Everyday help to live together in a more relaxed manner

  • Support and guidance for a dialogue with preschool, kindergarten and school educators

  • Background information on hypersensitivity, ADD, autism and other emotional and social behavioral patterns

  • Questionnaires to better distinguish the strengths and the shortcomings so you can better support and assist the children

  • An introduction to the topic of developmental trauma and an uploaded view of developmental medicine

  • Appreciation and understanding even when not everything runs smoothly at home or at school

  • Information and knowledge of different methods and therapies: brain spotting, emotional body healing, family as a team, emotional coaching, neurofeedback, brain mapping etc.

  • Many easy-to-learn exercises for everyday use

  • An overview on the children vibrating on an elevated frequency, the children of the “new age”


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