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Online Course - Women in Power

Women in Power

A program for women who are ready to own their ambition and step into their full leadership power.

Becoming a leader or person of influence involves much more than achieving a leadership position, acquiring new skills and adapting one’s style to the requirements of that role. It involves a core identity shift. To support this identity shift and help women leaders step into their full leadership power, Michaela and Lela explore intra-personal, interpersonal and organizational barriers to women’s advancement and leadership traction. They introduce practical solutions and tools that women leaders can use to overcome these barriers and influence their organizations towards gender balanced leadership.

5 modules within this course will help to navigate limiting gender dynamics successfully and use power and influence strategically to take your career and leadership as a woman to the next level. :

  1.  Course Introduction: Learn how to create behavioral shifts and use introductions to set the stage for yourself and other women to amplify each other.
  2. Interpersonal Barriers: Understand how biases, gender stereotypes and organizational barriers hold women back and learn how to get around them.
  3. Women Rising: Explore how dynamics such as the imposter syndrome and the gender confidence gap keep women from stepping into their full leadership power. Learn how to apply power confidently and strategically.
  4. Stepping into Your Leadership Power: Become familiar with the drivers of influence and how to build and leverage relationships in service of your goals.
  5. Champions of Change: Learn the business case for gender balanced leadership and how you can influence your organization to be part of the solution.
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