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Joe Peters

In the middle of our last session, I realized that I did not close completely the story of my last relationship and I have a big resistance to open a new chapter.

Simply like standing on a chair and all I have to do is to get up and walk.

I resonated strongly this time, when you told me that I have to make space for the new. Feeling my resistance, seeing me in my mind staying on the char... just move forward. 

Thank you and can´t wait for our next session to laugh with good news.


Writer & Journalist

Joe Peters

A great consultation in a very open, appreciative and pleasant atmosphere.

I was able to open up well in my conversation with Mr. Brantner, always felt that we communicate on an equal footing (which was lacking in classical therapy), and I am very impressed by his repertoire of methods for training and self-coaching.

A great experience, can only recommend it!


Yoga Teacher

Joe Peters

I've been having a lot of bad luck in love lately. One of my partners never wanted to touch me and made me feel disgusting. 

As a result, my self-esteem has suffered a lot. 

Then I slept with several men, thinking that I would be happier in the role of a lover. Through my conversation with Benjamin, I know that this was actually just a fear of being hurt again. 

Your calm demeanor and listening have helped me a lot. It was also nice to talk to a man as a woman. Now I know what I want. I met someone today who wants me for who I am. Thank you Benjamin.

Sonja C.

Mother and Employee

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