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What is the Railcolor Giftcard?

For your best friend, dear collegue, and fellow train driver; The Railcolor Giftcard is a voucher code which you can give to another person. That person can use the voucher code to get a discount on a Railcolor News subscription. That person will then get access to all our content behind the paywall.

The Giftcard can be used for private accounts, for both the 6 and 12 month version.

The Railcolor News subscription includes:

  • 100+ news articles per month about the newest trains and locomotives in Europe. Many high quality pictures, detailed information and colorful context.

  • The subscriber will receive the Expert news letter - This email will be sent 2x per week, on Tuesday and Saturday. These emails include ALL our updates.

  • The subscriber will get access to our locopedia - constantly growing.

It is simple

  • After subscribing, the person get instant access to the website.

  • Not for you? We refund your money up to 60 days after the payment.

  • For questions and remarks, you can always contact us.

No risk: Our money-back guarantee for this product is 60 days.

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