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BTS Academy

After Transforming Over 400 Players Into Wildly Profitable Crushers, BluffTheSpot Presents:


The BluffTheSpot Academy

The Only Proven Blueprint To Go From Struggling Grinder To Wildly Profitable Professional In Less Than One Year…


Here’s How We’re Going To Skyrocket your results:

1) As soon as you log into your member’s area for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the difference between the BluffTheSpot Academy and usual poker training sites: Our content is structured in a particular order and guides you the most direct way to crushing poker.

2) Every week, we will unlock a new chapter to study for the week. By doing that, we ensure that you’ll never get lost in a huge library and always know exactly what to study next. 

3) Homework and workbooks will help you gain a deeper understanding of the discussed topics and help you to keep track of your progress.

4) To deepen your new knowledge and connect with elite coaches, you get the chance to join 2 Live Coaching PER WEEK. These sessions ensure that you never get lost in questions and keep progressing the fastest way possible. 

These coaching sessions are hosted by elite BluffTheSpot coaches!


5) On top of that, you get to join the exclusive BluffTheSpot Academy community, where you can discuss hands, ask your questions, and grow together! I’ve never seen a community that is as supportive and motivated as ours!


Sign up and join us today!




If you join before Thursday, 1.12., midnight PST, you'll also get these special bonuses for our exclusive Cyber Monday promotion: 


  1. The Preflop Bible 4.0 by MMAsherdog... Sold for 499.99€
  2. The Mindset Course by Steffen Rachut... Sells for 99€
  3. Mathematics of Poker... Sells for 89€
  4. The Supervision HUD... Sells for 49€


And don't forget: If you don't LOVE what you see, you are backed by our unconditional, 60-days money-back guarantee! 

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