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Retreat: Find yourself - Your retreat preparation as video

You're going on a retreat soon? Maybe even a darkness retreat with us? Then this is the perfect course to fully prepare you for this special time. In this course you will learn in simple steps how to prepare yourself mentally so that your retreat experience will be perfect.  

What can you expect in this course?  

●     6 Video Lessons

●     Background Theoretical Knowledge

●     Practical exercises

●     Concrete instructions  

Description:   Through my years of experience in guiding my guests in the Darkness Retreat, I have been able to gain an enormous amount of experience, which I will pass on to you in this course.

The course is designed to prepare you for your own retreat. You can organize and complete this retreat yourself at home or, for example, with us in the so-called Darkness Retreat.

Of course you can also use the course to prepare for a retreat that you might do somewhere else, for example in a meditation center.

I also spent a long time in India, where I was initiated into many Vedic teachings. I incorporate the knowledge from these teachings into my daily work and pass some of it on to you here in this course as well.

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