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10 Trades Package

ATT Trading Signals offers its customers real-time trading signals for stocks, forex and indices. Subscribers to our signal service receive concrete trading signals with detailed instructions for trade management. The focus is on trading liquid individual stocks and aims for overall market outperformance.

  • Get the 10 next trade openings

Receive the entry signals for the next 10 trade openings including all associated trade management signals up to the 10th entry with the 10 trades package.

  • Enter the code in the dashboard

With the purchase you receive a code - simply enter it in the dashboard and get started. 

For the time being, register free of charge for the demo phase under Registration.

  • All signals via Telegram and e-mail

The 10-trades package gives you the opportunity to use the full version of our signal service and to receive all signals via Telegram as well as via e-mail. In the demo phase you will receive all signals free of charge for 14 days, but only via the dashboard and not via Telegram or email.

  • Our fairest product

Since the 10-trades package is not linked to a time frame, you get exactly what the stock markets are currently offering - sometimes there are more signals and sometimes less.


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