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Instructions: How to obtain your digital signature in Spain

In order to be able to act online with public authorities in Spain, it is mandatory to have a digital authentication option, e.g. an electronic signature. An electronic signature is like a digital ID card that you can use to sign online and clearly prove who you are.

This PDF guide explains step-by-step in pictures and text, completely in English, how to apply for such an electronic signature. With the help of numerous screenshots and practical tips, the user is guided through the entire process, including step-by-step instructions on how to make an appointment with the tax office or social security.   This guide is therefore suitable for anyone who is either in Spain or abroad and wants to apply for his/her electronic signature on his/her own.

What are the benefits of an electronic signature?

An electronic signature:

  • makes it much easier to communicate with administrations and public authorities in Spain (without appointments and long waiting times, and without having to meet the restricted opening hours),
  • is in many cases mandatory in order to act effectively online towards public authorities in Spain.

What can you do with a digital signature?

You can:

  • make appointments (at the tax office, the employment office, the city council, the social security office, ...),
  • fill in and submit application forms (for unemployment benefit, maternity benefit, pension, ...),
  • answer notifications from the tax office and submit documents,
  • file your tax returns,
  • register with the municipality (empadronamiento),
  • obtain information stored about you (e.g. the draft of the income tax from the tax office, the data stored with the social security regarding the previous contribution periods for the pension, ...)
  • issue powers of attorney (e.g. appoint a representative for your tax or social security matters)
  • and much more!

These instructions will not only make it extremely easy for you to apply for your digital signature, but will also save you a lot of time, money and nerves in the future thanks to the versatile application possibilities of the electronic signature!

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