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The Deity Within You - Live Online Course

The Tantric Art of Being a God or Goddess


In this seminar, philosopher and author Shai Tubali invites you into the world of deity yoga - one of the most important Tantric Buddhist techniques that leads to the highest Tantric practices.

What is your first feeling when you hear that you yourself are divinity? Shame? Confusion?
Maybe you think it's egotistical and arrogant to think of yourself that way.

Usually our mind tells us to feel that way. This is because we experience ourselves as highly limited beings who aspire to one day experience the divine or transcendence. The mind has been conditioned over the years by religious or cultural ideas. It thinks it is very humble to see ourselves as struggling little people who can hope to catch a glimpse of heavenly grace.

This is different in tantra. Tantra is a faster way. We start at the end: we visualise ourselves as if we were a fully enlightened Buddha; as if we were already gods and goddesses. In this way there is no waiting. The future is now.

Instead of admiring spiritual beings outside our own being and experiencing ourselves as swimming in the muddy waters of the earth, we practise in a way that finally makes us realise our own divine nature.

The seminar will take place on 3-4 July.

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