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Mondays with Mahesh - 1st three-months-course

Mondays with Mahesh
1. Three-Months-Course


You purchase your personal access to the video recordings of a total of 12 live lectures with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi.

After your registration, the recordings are available to you for six months.


In these lectures, Gandhi presents the PEM (Personal Evolution Model) that he has developed over decades. On the basis of exciting case studies he proves very comprehensibly that every human being is emotionally stuck in an inner age, which shows itself in always repeating behaviour patterns in the most different situations.
These developmental phases of the ego can be found in the three kingdoms of nature analogously in developmental phases of evolution, which in turn give valuable clues to a healing substance. Countless, amazing successes, even with the most severe mental illnesses, make these groundbreaking and yet simple findings for every homeopath a helpful tool for daily practice.

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