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Everyday Sauces (Recipe Ebook)

Raw Vegan and Low-Fat Sauces, Dips & Dressings


  • 44 delicious, healthy and simple recipes

  • Fully plant-based, free of any animal products 
  • Free of nuts, oil, vinegar, gluten, salt, nutritional yeast, soy sauce and coconut aminos
  • With minimal equipment possible, no dehydrator needed 
  • Additional content with lots of practical tips for your raw vegan dinner
  • BONUS EBOOK: Amazing Salads Guide 


►  "Everday Sauces" comes as digital PDF file for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop 

►  Instant download - no waiting time, no shipping costs 

►  60-day money back guarantee

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ONLY NOW you can add my ebook "Raw Vegan Abundance" for just 18$ instead of 22$ with 55 delicious recipes for fruit meals, vibrant salads, zoodle bowls, finger food, raw soups, sweet treats and more. Including 35+ pages of practical knowledge and tips as well as a 7-Day Meal plan to get you started!

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About "Raw Vegan Abundance"...


I haven’t made my way through all the recipes yet, but the ones I’ve made so far are absolutely delicious!! And it’s expanded my pallet and given me some great ideas for how to sustain eating raw vegan and keep it colorful! I’ve already shared it with several of my closest like-minded friends. Thank you so much!!


Whether you are interested in incorporating more whole foods and plant-based nutrition in your life, or are following a raw vegan diet already, this book is inspiring, gorgeous and well planned out. It’s a wonderful and resourceful book, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.


It's simple and easy to understand. I love the recipes, they are different from what I know. This ebook is very inspiring.

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