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The Conqueror's Forge


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  • Access to the exclusive group of men The Conqueror's Forge.
  • Recurring Group Mentorship Calls via Zoom
  • Access to the private Telegram Group
  • Access to all courses
  • Access to articles about Masculinity, Purpose, Mindset, the Dark Traits, and Higher Consciousness
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The Three Pillars of Masculinity and Mind


Now, first you want to implement Pillar #1 of my blueprint. Finding your purpose. The force or energy with which your body moves. IMPETUS.

  • How to use the Spartan Success System to discover your natural talents and transform them into money in your bank account
  • ​Why you need to build a healthy ego to succeed
  • ​The ONE core value you must apply to make your purpose count, even when it was done 1 million times before
  • ​The real reason why billionaires keep working 16 hours a day - and why you need to stop chasing money NOW
  • ​Build unlimited discipline and willpower using the “mental cop-out” and never let your emotions prevent you from taking action again 

Usually $97, INCLUDED in the Forge for $0


It’s time to implement Pillar #2. Starting to take ruthless action towards your life’s purpose. By developing a resilient mindset. A way of thinking that isn't changed by external influences. INVICTA.

  • Crush your limiting beliefs and indoctrination once and for all by observing what influences your subconscious 24/7
  • Why coincidence is a lie and how to use “The Equation of Life” to selectively shape your desired outcome
  • ​The #1 reason why society is set up completely wrong and how to reverse engineer your inherent drive to annihilate the void in your soul
  • ​Never say THIS to yourself if you want to fulfill your whole potential (especially if you think you’re “happy”)
  • ​How to use detachment to become independent from your emotions and solve problems with ease

 Usually $97, INCLUDED in the Forge for $0!


Now you want to implement the final pillar: Discover your dark side to see the light. With the help of the TYRANT program, you’re gonna discover the 9 dark traits every human possesses. Use them for good. 

Egoism, Narcissism, Psychopathy. Learn how it can be used for good! 

Usually $97, INCLUDED in the Forge for $0!


That’s not all.

I want you to be completely sure that you harness your DARK SIDE to easily manifest your desired realitySo that you can start your own path to greatness and freedom TODAY.

That’s why I prepared the following BONUS for you:


Of course, you can only be truly free if you start working for yourself. Building a business that gives you the freedom to choose. Autonomy.

In the New Age - SULTAN program you’ll find out exactly how to do that. AFTER you built your foundation.

Design and build your empire. Create a legacy by starting with a side hustle that aligns with your talents and strengths.

To do this I’ll show you PROVEN business models tailored for beginners.


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