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Live Webinar

For whom is this event for:

  1. …are dedicated to creating a better, safer, and flood-free environment.

  2. …want include a climate-change-addressing design for flood protection in their plans

  3. …do not want to spend days or weeks searching for the right technology and correct data

  4. ... need to present an accurate budget to their clients
  5. …need support on how to convince their clients to appreciate their designs and their budget

“In a fair world, every building, compound, or critical infrastructure can be designed flood-free; for a better world in the interest of citizens, house owners, entrepreneurs, and employees.”


What's in it for you?


  1. Know how to effectively protect a building from flood.

  2. Find the right type of flood barrier for various applications and situations.

  3. Quickly get the right technical specifications, images, and CAD drawings.

  4. Impress your client with the “no-surprise budget estimate” for his building.

  5. Develop your national and international reputation in the world by contributing to improved and safer construction quality.


The VIP Consultation Session with the founder, Dr. Andreas Klippe!

With a VIP ticket you get:

[+] An exclusive 60 mins hangout with Dr. Andreas Klippe after the main live webinar.

[+] 30 min. One-on-One PRIORITY meeting with the Flood Experts. 

[+] FREE PRIORITY analysis of the house flood   protection.  


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