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Recordings + Slides | Hydrogen Online Workshop 2022

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✓ 15 Keynote Video Recordings

✓ 15 Keynote Presentation PDFs

✓ 57 Workshop Videos

✓ 57 Workshop Presentation PDFs


How to Overcome Barriers to Hydrogen Development in California, Mark Abramowitz, Community Environmental Services | President

How to Tackle Aviation’s Full Climate Impact with Hydrogen, Katya Akulinicheva, ZeroAvia | CFO

How to unlock Iceland‘s hydrogen potential, Nanna Baldvinsdóttir, IðunnH2 | Co-Founder

How to propell global carbon neutrality with the EU Hydrogen Industry, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe | CEO

How to deal with Green Hydrogen as Global Commodity, Werner Diwald, German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV | Chairman of the Board

How to benefit from 10+ years of experience in biomethane trading, Zoltan Elek, Landwärme | CEO

How to accelerate Green Hydrogen, Dolf Gielen, International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA | Director IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre Bonn

How to build a profitable hydrogen refuelling network, Nikolas Iwan, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | CEO

How to power sustainable zero-emission drive technology, Dr. Matthias Jurytko, cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG | CEO & Managing Director

How to build on Canada’s long history in hydrogen and fuel cells, Mark Kirby, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association CHFCA | President & CEO

How to Scale up Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Mass Adoption, Alan Kneisz, Cummins Inc. | Global Business Development Director

How to overcome the main hurdles for massive hydrogen deployment, Paul Lucchese, IEA Hydrogen TCP | Chair

How to realize hydrogen based society: Japan’s perspective, Eiji Ohira, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization NEDO | Director

How to replace Fossil Fuels with Carbon-Free ZEV Infrastructure, Jesse Schneider, ZEV Station | CEO / CTO


How to use hydrogen CHP systems to produce electricity and heat, 2G Energy AG

How to use thermoplastic composites for hydrogen storage, AFPT GmbH

How to start an Energy Transition in Brazil based on green Hydrogen, German Brazilian Chamber of Commerce | NEUMAN + ESSER GROUP | Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

How to design a fuel cell powered vehicle and size its components, Akka Technologies 

How to produce renewable hydrogen, BBH Consulting AG

How to automate Hydrogen, Beckhoff Automation

How to Accelerate a Hydrogen Society with Current Gas Pipe Technology, Birdy Fuel Cells | HyWealth CO. | Renewable Energy Institute 

How to Compress Large H2 Volumes Oil-Free for High-Pressure Use, Burckhardt Compression

How to structure and finance H2 projects, KGAL Investment Management | Deutsche Kreditbank AG | Green Planet Energy | Capcora

How to make public transportation green, Clean Logistics

How to slot-die coat electrolyzer materials, Coatema® Coating Machinery

How to test and assemble effectively fuel cell and hydrogen components, DAM Group

How to analyze and mitigate hydrogen safety risks based on examples, Dräger Safety

How to design hydrogen systems for various vehicle applications, EDAG Engineering

How to shape the political framework and create first business models, eFuel Alliance

How to make cost efficient bipolar plates: Electrolyzer & Fuel cells, Eisenhuth

How to push State of Cearás potential as Brazil Green Hydrogen House?, Industry Federation State of Ceará, Brazil (FIEC) | EDP Energia

How to process ammonia as hydrogen carrier for energy generation, Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM

How to Characterize Degradation in Fuel Cell MEAs, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

How to Grow Power Plants: Cultivating Green Ammonia, GenCell

How to create a Market Mechanism for European Hydrogen Trade: H2Europe, German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association | Hydrogen Europe | Uniper Hydrogen | European Investment Bank

How to store hydrogen in metal hydrides, GfE Metalle und Materialien

How to explore & discover new grounds for better fuel cell performance, Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies | GEN Z | CEA 

How to Explore Cross-Border Technology Cooperation between Asia and Germany, Germany Trade and Invest | thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan Ltd) | Siemens AG

How to scale hydrogen infrastructure with mobile refueling stations, Wystrach | Hexagon Purus

How to interpret the EU’s Fit for 55 measures and gauge their impact, Hinicio 

How to build the first hydrogen fueling station network in a country, HTEC | Hydrogen BC | Toyota Canada

How to ensure the hydrogen quality in refueling stations, HYDAC 

How to use hydrogen to decarbonize aviation and air mobility, HyPoint

How to Convert Heavy-Duty Fleets to Hydrogen Power, Hyzon 

How to leverage oil & gas expertise into green hydrogen plants design, IMI Remosa

How to Unleash the Green Hydrogen Economy in Africa, Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) | Advisian | IFRI | Natural Resources Defense Council

How to transform conventional engines into high-performance H2 engines, KEYOU 

How to plan, design and implement hydrogen plants, Luigi Bonadio & Associates | Energys Australia

How to foster global Hydrogen collaborations with digital platforms, LUT University | Women in Green Hydrogen

How to leak test fuel cell and hydrogen specific components, MACEAS 

How to drive safety with Ultrasonic Hydrogen Leak Detection technology, MSA Safety 

How to enable the H2 mobility transition also for large flows, NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP

How to use simulations to find the right HRS concept for each user, NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP

How to affordably deploy H2 vehicle refueling infrastructure at scale, NICE America Research

How to realistically configure hydrogen for commercial aviation, NOVAdev Inc.

How to evaluate business opportunities for hydrogen ecosystems, P3 Group

How to choose components and materials for Hydrogen applications, Parker Hannifin

How to make hydrogen projects economically viable with carbon pricing, Perspectives Climate Group | Verra 

How to supply test systems with precise hydrogen based gas mixtures, PRO rare & pure gases

How to apply hydrogen propulsion to high-horsepower maritime vessels, SWITCH Maritime

How to Sustain Digitized Hydrogen Business, Syntax Systems

How to touch hydrogen future, Book: “Touching Hydrogen Future”

How to qualify your product by certification and type approval, TÜV SÜD

How to get started with your fuel cell bus project in Europe, Tyczka Hydrogen

How to obtain suitable conditions from banks and insurers, VDE Renewables | GEFA BANK | Munich RE

How to handle hydrogen, VOSS Fluid

How to establish hydrogen as a relevant energy carrier for mobility, Wolftank | DRK32

How to reduce hydrogen project costs by working in partnership, Worley | Advisian

How to Deliver Clean Hydrogen and Maintain Clean Hydrogen Lines, Worthington Industries

How to optimize the sourcing & costing process of your H2 projects, XYDROGEN 


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