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Master Teaching: Disconnect of Collective fear (english)

Free Yourself from the old Programming and create massive Rippe Effects in the Quantum Field



  • COLLECTIVE FEAR: Discover the Massive Impact of collective Fear and how it influence your Energy System
  • FEAR PROGRAMMING: Explore the Old Programming that was introduced in Mankind and Learn to Stop it
  • ​​RIPPLE EFFECTS OF COLLECTIVE FEARS: Understand the Ripple Effects and learn how to use them for the new Programming
  • ​CHAKRAS & FEARS: Each Chakra has a connected Fear, find out how to Step out of this downward Vortexes
  • DISCONNECT FROM COLLECTIVE FEAR: Experience one of the Most Effective Tools of Disconnection 
  • COLLECTIVE DISCONNECTION: Is it possible to get disconnected collectively? Find out everything that you have to know to Create massive Avalanches of Love, Trust and Harmony
  • ​BONUS INCLUDED: Receive the Divine Lightcode of COSMIC CONFIDENCE and Integrate it in your DNA
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