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MT5 Programming Masterclass

In the MT5 Masterclass you will learn how to write

Scripts, Indicators and Expert Advisors

for the MetaTrader 5.

In the course various programs are written which you can use for your own trading and further adapt with your newly acquired knowledge.

  • Close All Positions Script
  • Donchian Channel Indicator
  • Donchian Channel Expert Advisor
  • Bollinger Bands Expert Advisor
  • Range Breakout Expert Advisor 

This course picks up beginners as well as advanced developers. He accompanies you step by step to reach your goal.

All videos are in a logical order. Programming basics are taught in the beginning. Afterwards you write some simple programs which then become more and more complex.

This ensures that you learn everything perfectly and that you are not faced with a huge task right at the beginning. You will notice how easy it will be for you to learn new things and combine them with content you have already learned!

You do not need any previous knowledge. This course teaches you everything you need to know, starting with variables, operators, control structures and more...

Among other things you will learn the following programming skills:

  • Create scripts, indicators and expert advisors
  • Have trade criteria checked objectively and perfectly with every tick
  • Automatically open and manage trades
  • Control strategies based on time and date
  • Automate SL and TP calculations
  • Automatically calculate the risk (in %) for your trades
  • Automate any trailing stop
  • Select any trades and access their data
  • Open and cancel pending orders
  • Close open positions
  • Integrate safety mechanisms for a MT5 crash
  • Draw objects in the chart
  • And much more

At the end of this course you have all the requirements to implement any strategy that you can objectively describe in an expert advisor.

So you will never again have to rely on programmers or expert advisors from the internet where you do not really know what is behind the surface.

Take control of your trading and professionalize your automated trading by investing in yourself and learning the programming craft that nobody can take away from you!



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