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The presence of the Soul - online course

The presence of the Soul in our life

Awaken the contact to your soul as a gateway to deep self-knowledge, realisation and fulfilment.

In this intense online course, we will first be introduced to the school’s general vision and syllabus, explaining among other things the three-phase journey we are about to take and the role each phase plays in the fulfillment of the soul’s journey. We will continue by exploring key terms such as the soul, the soul journey, and the negative and positive subconscious. We will answer fundamental questions:

What is the soul? What is its nature, meaning, role, and functions? What are the different expressions of the awakening of the soul? How does the soul speak to us in our life? What signs and messages does it send to us to signify its existence and needs for fulfillment and how? And why delving into the subconscious is directly related to the soul journey?

We will learn about the meaning and importance of gathering the pieces of the soul’s jigsaw puzzle using different techniques, including the basic Expansion for the Awakening of the Soul, the practical aspect of the system of the seven chakra personality types and, most importantly, the first major technique - the Expansion of Collective Dreams.  

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