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youtric® KETO powder Mango-Lemon

Get youtric® Keto and get yourself into fat metabolism every day - instead of hunger or sugar metabolism.

From 3 cans only €69.95 - 13% discount
From 6 cans only €59.95 - 25% discount.
Secure your four-month supply of “fat metabolism”.

youtric® Keto gets you into fat metabolism or fat burning in about 60 minutes.

By supplying natural ketones with youtric® Keto, you will reach ketosis within about 1 hour; which would otherwise take you days.

* High-quality youtric® keto powder mango-lemon
* Stir 1 serving daily in 400ml water (or more).
* Gets you into ketosis/fat burning in approx. 30-60 minutes
* It is best not to interrupt ketosis for 4-5 hours afterwards
* Uses fat as an energy source instead of sugar
* Ideal for sustainable weight loss
* reduced feeling of hunger
* fewer food cravings
* more energy
* improved mood
* better focus - mental clarity
* very suitable for athletes
* Prevents muscle breakdown, promotes muscle building
* Visible skin beautification
* Reduced susceptibility to stress
* Made in Germany, 100% youtric quality
* sweetened with erythritol

Contents for 20 days: One can contains 300g youtric® Keto powder (from €266.5/kg). We recommend at least 3 doses for sustainable fat loss.

Delivery time: 2-3 working days.

Direct shipping from Germany.

Delivery takes place via our premium partner DHL as an insured package. A tracking number will be sent via email after dispatch.

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