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Omicron - Curse or blessing?


Accompanying omicron, mutants and vaccinations homeopathically.

Jeremy Sherr, FSHom, PhD.

Jeremy Sherr's latest findings on Omikron and the latest important homeopathic updates on Covid vaccines!

  • For people interested in health and therapists.
  • What is the situation in the world?
  • How dangerous is Omikron really?
  • How does the new variant contribute to our immunization?
  • Mutations - the different virus mutations and how they affect homeopathic treatment.
  • What are the global conditions behind epidemics?
  • Is there a genius epidemicus?
  • Are there new homoeopathic remedies for the vaccines and drugs

    Prevention: How can I prevent possible vaccine damage?

⭐️ You will learn which remedies are now becoming relevant.
⭐️ What you need to bear in mind for concomitant treatment.
⭐️ Jeremy reports from his international network of globally connected homeopaths.
⭐️ You'll get solutions that you can implement directly for yourself or in your practice.

The brand new knowledge of Jeremy Sherr

for only € 19,00 instead of € 45,00

The seminar will be broadcast on 13.01.2022 at 6pm CET and can be reached later in the MB Academy at any time.


Session 1: 1hour 20 min

Session 2: 1 hour 25 min

Session 3: 1hour 05 min

The special price is valid until 17.01.2022!


Jeremy Sherr is the leading voice in the homeopathic community on the topic of epidemics.

 Legal notice: This package is not a substitute for a doctor's visit, no lecture or the knowledge conveyed may be taken as a substitute for treatment or a guarantee of prevention. If you experience any symptoms, please consult a physician. Covid-19 may only be treated by physicians.

Legal notice: Any treatment suggestion is for professionals with profound experience only. Please consider the laws in your country.


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