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Dealing with epidemics

Dealing with epidemics

The homeopathic treatment of epidemics past, present and future.

Jeremy Sherr, FSHom, PhD

Take advantage of Jeremy's 35 years of experience treating epidemics!

  • What is the deeper meaning and bigger picture of a pandemic situation?
  • How do we deal with emerging epidemics?
  • What are the tools to find the Genius Epidemicus?
  • How do I quickly and easily train a team of volunteers with minimal knowledge in homeopathy to deal with an epidemic situation?
  • How to help thousands of people in a single day?
  • Is there a genius group of remedies? 
  • Why does homeopathy offer the most sophisticated approach to treating epidemics?
  • Can we learn from the history of epidemics?

Jeremy Sherr is considered a master in treating viral epidemics etc.

Apply Jeremy's extensive knowledge around the treatment of epidemics in the best way possible!

⭐️ Formulate your own epidemic treatment plans and learn how to effectively solve an epidemic.

⭐️ Gain a thorough understanding and more confidence in treating epidemics with homeopathy.

⭐️ Learn how to use epidemic prophylaxis effectively.

⭐️ Support thousands of people in one day using Jeremy's method.

⭐️ Learn to take a bird's eye view of epidemics.

⭐️ Gain a new understanding of older remedies.

⭐️ Learn what the future holds from the history of epidemics.

⭐️ Combine Hahnemann's successful philosophy with today's modern techniques.

⭐️Help save the lives of many people in times of need with knowledge of the nature of the epidemic.

⭐️ Become part of Jeremy's international network of globally connected homeopaths.

⭐️ Benefit from Jeremy's global network of case observers to find the Genius Epidemicus.

⭐️ Learn how to analyze the current situation in  2 basic teachings plus four extra live sessions 

Additional Q&A in each life session.

Successfully treat epidemics homeopathically - 9 hours of knowledge for only

€ 195,00 instead of € 425,00


Jeremy Sherr is the leading voice in the homeopathic community on the subject of epidemics.

If you want to learn about the background of epidemics, viruses and the global context, you have come to the right place.

Legal notice:

Covis is only allowed to be treated by a qualified Doctor. This course does not give you a qualification in treating any kind of desease.

This package is not a substitute for a doctor's visit, no lecture or the knowledge conveyed may be taken as a substitute for treatment or a guarantee of prevention. If you experience any symptoms, please consult a physician. Covid-19 should only be treated by physicians.

The information on remedies is intended for doctors and alternative practitioners only. People without a professional background must consult their homeopath and should not self-administer.


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