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COVID-vacciation Energetic drainage

VIDEO to relief from negative "side effects" of the COVID vaccination".

CONGRATULATIONS - You have decided to purchase the VIDEO on energetic elimination of COVID vaccine side effects!
Here is a summary of what you are buying.

Do YOU ​​also have these problems SINCE the "COVID vaccination"?

  • Psychological / emotional influence
  • Feeling of NOT being YOURSELF anymore
  • Foreign body feeling
  • Headache / migraine, depression, suicidal thoughts
  • Pointlessness, aimlessness, tiredness, lack of concentration
  • Loss of the "Inner Light" connection to the source
  • can no longer meditate / lack of concentration

A lot of people could be freed already from this problems through the Koenig-Breuss-gsundsi® method

Customer feedback:

  • Foreign body feeling, headaches, migraines, foreign body feeling gone.
  • Feeling of relief that "stuff" is pulled out of the head & body or dematerialized
  • Mental, spiritual & physical burden/pain falls away
  • Have the feeling that "everything" is now gone
  • Feel lighter and can think & feel clearly again
  • Inner light is felt & visible again
  • Feel "normal" again
  • Self-confidence, courage, strength, clarity are there again

That is the previous feeling and experience of the international clients (AT / CH / GER / ITA / NL / BRA / NA), regardless of whether the distances took place LIVE or ONLINE, INDIVIDUALLY, in a GROUP or per VIDEO!


How does it work, what do I need to do??
  • BUY the VIDEO
  • Log in to the member area
  • Start the video
  • In the video session you will be guided by video what you have to do.
  • Michael König-Breuss is doing his kind of remote treatment / lightwork.
  • This can be, as already for many, YOUR SOLUTION!

Consciousness is above matter! (Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla)

It´s all about Energie and Frequency (Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla)

The video is unlocked for unlimited time for YOU!

I am happy to serve YOU!


Choose in the purchase process which price (€ 108, 1.001, 10.000) it is worth to YOU!

  • Millionaires & wealthy maybe € 10.000.-
  • Average person maybe € 108.-


What is YOUR LIFE worth?

Ps: Flying to Brazil, Philippines or Russia to the healer would cost more :-)

This is NO guarantee and NO promise of healing! It is only a chance for improvement! Previous results are not a guarantee of present results. There can be no 100% guarantee of the hoped for effect for each person, because each person is different, the symptoms have spread differently, the consciousness, the belief, the original life plan, the life situation, the will to live of each client is different. This can not replace treatment by a doctor / alternative practitioner. 


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"Spiritual" price 108

108 is your mala number, your mantra that makes you content.

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You want to afford YOURSELFE for YOUR life 1.001.-

You can afford it for YOU AND want to promote the sometimes LIFE-SAVING VIDEO opportunity for your fellow man!

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You are a millionaire? YOUR life is worth 10,000 t

You are a millionaire and honor this sometimes LIFE-SAVING VIDEO work for YOU & YOUR fellow men very VALUABLE!

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