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WISE Practitioner Training


Improve your ability to treat cases to reach the deepest level of the patient.
Achieve much better results in your practice.
Learn to apply the concept of subclass, superclass and sensation directly from the developer.
Get your questions answered live. 
This course consists of 2 parts. 

Part 1. Study of Sub & Superclasses (Pre-recorded).

Session 1:

Introduction to the Sensations of the Subclasses and Superclasses.

Dr Sankaran presents the theory of sentience in the Subclasses and Superclasses. He explains his recent developments and how they help him in his daily practice. In addition, he links the new theory to an even more comprehensive classification, which he calls the Superclass.

Session 2:

Subclass 1 and Superclass 1

Using case studies of two children suffering from ADHD with autistic traits, the characteristics of the first subclass are explained and clearly defined.

Session 3:

Subclass 2 and Superclass 2

A case of bronchial asthma illustrates the prescribed remedy all the characteristics of the second subclass as well as its distinction from the first and third subclasses.

Session 4:

Subclass 3 and Superclass 3

A case of ankylosing spondylitis is used to illustrate the sensations of the 3rd subclass and its differentiation from the other subclasses.

Live Q&A session with Dr. Rajan Sankaran on 31.03.2022 at 5 p.m.

Session 5:

Subclass 4 and Superclass 4.

A case of separation anxiety shows the characteristics of the 4th subclass. The characteristics of the 4th Superclass will be discussed in detail.

Session 6:

Subclass 5 and Superclass 5

The analysis of three cases gives a clear idea of the 5th subclass and 5th superclass. Through comparison with the other classes, the understanding of the whole system grows.

Session 7:

Subclass 6 and Superclass 6

The terms of the 6th subclass are presented by means of a case. The WISE processes will be integrated into the homeopathic case taking.

Live Q&A Session with Dr. Rajan Sankaran on 12.05.2022 at 5 pm.

Part 2

Live Session 1:

WISE techniques in case taking on 02.06.2022 at 17 hrs.

Live Session 2:

Application of WISE techniques using a case study on 16.06.2022 at 17.00

Live session 3:

Live case recording with in-depth discussion of case analysis on 30.06.2022 at 17 hrs.

Live session 4:

Use of WISE techniques to support case intake and help overcome patient emotional blocks on 07.07.2022 at 5pm

Live session 5:

Live case taking integrating the WISE processes into traditional homeopathy. The remedy finding is done considering the materia medica, leading symptoms and essence of the remedy, sensation, miasma and genius on 14.07.2022 at 5 pm.

 This course is accessable from the 1st of March 2022 onwards

*This course is only open to people who have attended the WISE webinar.
A few days after the live sessions you can access all videos in the Mathias Berner Academy.

Legal Disclaimer: This package is not a substitute for a doctor's visit, no lecture or knowledge imparted should be taken as a substitute for treatment or a guarantee of prevention.This course is not suitable for people who have psychiatric disorders or who have severe unresolved trauma.
I agree that this course is not a substitute for treatment or psychotherapy.
I understand that this course is only for the purpose of getting to know myself better.
I take full responsibility for myself and will continue to be in contact with my therapist or doctor whenever I feel I need it.
This course does not give me any certification or qualification to practice this on other people. This course does not give me any certification or qualification to practice this on other people.
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