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RS Design Warehouse - Professional

Integrate a CORRECT flood protection design to CAD in less than 15 minutes.

The RS Design Warehouse contains answers and solutions to all the statements below.

Many of our architectural and engineering friends have reached out to us with one or two of these 7 statements.

  1. We were searching for one week to find a kind of barrier, but are they the right ones?
  2. The supplier did not answer our request.
  3. It took us 1 month just to get a price.
  4. The offered flood barrier solution did not work with my design.
  5. I did not get any “.dwg file.”
  6. I didn’t know about the required thickness of the building wall.
  7. I didn't know about the required anchoring system in the foundation. What force shall it take? 
  8. Will it work with the water pressure?


Get building owners to appreciate the smart

Included in this Professional edition are:

  1. Premium access to RS Design Warehouse 
  2. Individual dashboard with personal access
  3. Up to 100 projects with CAD files
  4. Downloadable files:
    1. .dwg (flood protection system);
    2. .jpg (product photo and image);
    3. .txt (TOR); and
    4. .pdf (technical specs)
  5. Exclusive access to:
    1. Handouts
    2. Checklists
    3. Videos (product and educational)
  6. Monthly updates:
    1. Starting with 3 existing flood protection systems
    2. 1 additional flood protection system per month
    3. Maximum 14 systems
  7. “No-surprise Budget Estimation Tool” for your selected Flood Barrier Systems.
  8. Presentation videos for your end-customer
  9. 12 monthly WhatsApp group calls: You can ask all your questions and get immediate answers. You benefit from the group experience for your daily work.


Total value: 2,540.00 USD per year (211.67 USD/month).


Now at the introductory price of: 684.00 USD per year (57.00 USD/month).


The contract is for one year and will be renewed automatically to make sure that no projects will get lost. It can be canceled by email one month before the end of this contract.


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