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Psychtoolbox Paid Support

This product allows you to purchase extra support hours, to receive further support on a specific ongoing question or issue (a “support incident”). You must only purchase this product following the assessment and instructions given to you by our specialist, and you must only purchase the specific number of “Psychtoolbox Paid Support“ hours specified to you by our specialist. You must possess a valid and currently active “Psychtoolbox Support Membership” to be able to use this product. Surplus purchases beyond the advised amount for an ongoing support incident will be refunded*.

Each purchase of a unit of this product entitles you to up to a maximum of 60 minutes of our specialists’ work time on the specific support incident.
Support will typically be provided within two German business days after confirmation of receipt of payment.

Note: Depending on the purchase date of your active “Psychtoolbox Support Membership”, you may be eligible for discounts on the purchase price of this product (10% discount after 3 months’ membership, 25% discount after 6 months’ membership, 40% discount after 12 months’ membership). Our specialist will provide you with a suitable discount code** if you are eligible for the given specific support incident.

At the end of the order process, you will receive an official invoice (private users and labs).

(* 60 days return policy)

(** You may only use discount codes provided directly to you by our specialist for the specific ongoing support incident, otherwise your purchase will be considered invalid, i.e., no service will be provided, and you will receive a refund.)

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