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GitLab CI/CD Course

Course includes:

  • 9 Chapters, 66 Lectures
  • 10+ Hours of videos
  • Animated theoretic explanations
  • Hands-On Demos
  • Exclusive Community
  • English Subtitles
  • Certificate of completion


What you'll learn

  • What is CI/CD in general
  • Core Concepts of GitLab CI/CD
  • GitLab Architecture
  • How to setup and register self-managed Runner
  • How to build a real life pipeline that tests, builds and deploy Docker containers
  • Optimize Pipeline using dynamic versioning, caching to speed up pipeline execution
  • How to build a Multi-Stage Pipeline
  • How to build a CI/CD pipeline for a Monorepo & Polyrepo Microservices
  • Everything with Best Practices in mind


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