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Experience the joy of growing clean, safe, nutrient-rich food.



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CLICK YES above for a one time offer! Get our popular Pest & Disease Micro Course for only Grow pest and disease free food without using toxic poisons!In this to the point, easy to follow program, you will master a pest and disease management systems that a lot of real, full-time organic farmers use—simplified into an easy-to-follow 4-Step process for any gardener to use.

Over 40 different strategies to help prevent pests, diseases and weeds in your garden!

  • Learn to observe and “scout” for pests & diseases throughout the season
  • Create a plan for interrupting life cycles of pests & diseases
  • Evaluate how well your strategies paid off
  • Incorporate lessons learned into next year
  • Enjoy a healthier harvest
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The Garden Freedom Series Micro Course

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Experience the joy of growing clean, safe, and nutrient-rich food

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