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Plus Version - Start Finance Toolbox

Take your start-up to the next level with the Start Finance Toolbox.

In addition to the Full version that covers ALL steps of implementing structured finance processes and accounting structures, you are getting a personal 1:1 toolbox onboarding or a consulting session for your business. In 60 minutes you can ask me all open questions you have or we can walk through your main pain points of your company and how the toolbox can address these.

In 10 chapters you will learn how to build a strong accounting foundation and manage your finance processes with ease. Each chapter consists of:

  • A Video Tutorial 
  • Key messages and chapter summary
  • Useful Templates (word, excel) for download

With your purchase you will receive unlimited access to the full content of the toolbox.

1. How to start Finance? 

Learn all about the right setup, how to find a good tax accountant, the right hire and how to establish a good document structure.

2. Accounting Hygiene 

Learn how to set up an easy accounting structure in a few steps without expensive tools.

3. Processes: Incoming invoices and approvals 

Learn how to best deal with incoming invoices and approvals in a structured way. Stop chasing receipts!

4. Cash and Liquidity-Planning

The Runway is one of the most important KPIs. Learn how to manage your liquidity and working capital, keep an overview of accounts receivables and account payables and learn how to create a regular cash forecast without manual effort in an easy to use template.

5. Travel Expenses

Learn how to handle travel expenses with an expense guideline and how to automate travel expense reports. Stop the receipt chaos and discipline your colleagues in a sensitive way.

6. Month End Closing

Learn why a month end closing is important and how to structure it with my easy to use checklist.

7. Budget and Forecasting

Learn how to establish a budgeting process for the whole company. Find several planning templates and learn how to get the whole company excited about being involved in the planning process.

8. Reporting and KPIs

Learn how to create a comprehensive and engaging reporting for investors and the leadership team.

9. Cost Transparency and Controlling

Learn where the most typical start-up cost monsters are hidden and how to find and monitor them. Keep an overview of your contracts (e.g. subscriptions, licences, telephone costs, etc.) with easy to use templates.

10. Tools

Learn all about tools and when is the best timing to start implementing. Learn about a smooth decision and implementation process and how to integrate a new tool in your company-wide system landscape. 

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