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11 Sri Yantra For Wealth, Prosperity and Success

Sri Yantra is the most powerful yantra among all. It is a sacred mystical instrument that creates an unbelievable amount of energy around it and attracts wealth, prosperity, love, and success. The word "Sri" literally means "wealth and prosperity" in Sanskrit and this yantra has been available to humankind for thousands of years. The yantra collection has 10 Sri Yantra designs in it and one design on the cover, which equals 11 Sri Yantras. One Sri Yantra in itself is capable of balancing cosmic vibrations that manifest a great amount of money, health, prosperity and love!

Merely looking at the yantra helps in mental relaxation and stress relief.

As soon as the yantra is in your house or workplace, it will automatically generate positive energies and your manifestative powers will rise!

Contents :

  • What a Sri Yantra is and why it's so powerful

  • What it can help you achieve

  • Instructions on installation

  • 11 Perfect Sri Yantras to choose from

  • 33 Pages 


Sri Mantra Chant For Wealth, Success and Prosperity (Audios)

Sri Mantra is an extremely powerful mantra chant that helps in manifesting wealth, peace, success and prosperity. This mantra vibrationally corresponds to the Sri Yantra, which in itself is the most powerful wealth creation yantra (instrument) available to humankind. Playing this mantra chant everyday will help you manifest and achieve anything that you wish for!

In Sanskrit, a mantra is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, or a collection of words with enigmatic, magical, or spiritual properties. Mantra is made up of two parts: “man,” which refers to the mind, and “tra,” which refers to transportation or vehicle. In other words, a mantra is a mental instrument, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to create your own reality or enter a deep state of meditation and reflection.

Contents :

  • High Quality Audio Mantra Chant (Wav and Mp3)

  • Wealth Goddess Posters (Printable)

  • Number of chant recitations - 108

  • Correct, melodious, and continuous recitation

  • Instructions on making the best use of audio mantra chants and holy posters

  • Chant Duration: 47:09 minutes


Gayatri Mantra Pack For Sexuality, Intuition and Bliss

Gayatri is the one who moves across the three levels of consciousness in a song-like manner, with joy, playfulness, ease, and lightness. When we "sing through" anything, it denotes that we do not find it to be a hardship. Gayatri: "Gayanti traayate iti gayatri." The three states of consciousness — jagrut (waking), sushupt (deep sleep), and swapna (dream) — as well as the three tiers of existence —adhyatmik, adidhaivik, and adibhautik —are all impacted by the Gayatri mantra. Traya also refers to the afflictions (taapa) that have a negative impact on the body, mind, and soul: the mind is affected by negativity and unrest in the soul, whilst the body is affected by bodily ailments.

One can transcend the tapatraya's influence and remain unaffected by simply being in the presence of the Gayatri Shakti (energy or field of vibration) created by the eternal mantra.

The Gayatri mantra can be used to improve memory and cognition. A brand-new mirror has beautiful reflections, but after time, dust builds up and requires cleaning. Similar to this, as time passes, people we surround ourselves with, information we learn, and underlying inclinations influence us, our minds get polluted. The Gayatri mantra is like a deep cleanser that helps our minds reflect reality more clearly. The inner radiance and inner power are maintained by the chant. One develops brilliance both in the internal and external realms.


  • A Powerful Gayatri Mantra in multiple audio formats

  • Full Mantra Duration - 50:34 Hours

  • Chant Rounds - 108

  • Purely High Quality of Audio Chants

  • Instructions to get the highest benefits of the mantra

  • Melodious and continuous recitation

  • Beautiful Gayatri Mata Posters to Print (Bonus)

  • Full pack Size - 597 MB (Digital Pack)

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