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Agri Homoeopathy

Homeopath and healer Camilla Sherr reveals her secrets to success for homeopathic healing earth and plants in her brand new webinar.

Session 1
 "Introduction to Agri-Homeopathy".

Camilla Sherr takes you through her first steps in homeopathic treatment of soil and plants. She will show you what diseases can be treated and how best to apply the remedies.
Session 2
 "All about the earth"

In this session you will learn all about minerals and micronutrients that make up a healthy earth and how to recognise and correct deficiencies.
Camilla Sherr will then show you how to treat young plants in raised beds, on the balcony and in the field.
 Session 3
"Roses and keeping plants healthy".

As a rose lover you will gain valuable knowledge in this session on how to make them bloom even more beautifully!
Agri-Homeopathy can strengthen your plants against viral and bacterial diseases and protect them against pests. 
 Q + A Session 4
"Questions and Answers"

Camilla Sherr answers all your questions about the garden, balcony and field.
Live Session 5

Camilla Sherr will show you in this session what you can consider especially when harvesting pumpkins and how composting can be done in the way of agri-homeopathy.
Live Session 6

"Winter and houseplants"
The cycle of the year is coming to an end and you can now prepare nature for winter dormancy.
Finally, Camilla Sherr talks about houseplants and how to deal with common problems.

The sessions 1-4 are already recorded and accessible in MB Academy.
Is is a pure digital product. No DVD.

All recordings are visible for you in the Mathias Berner Academy. You can also download them as Mp3 and MP4.

You will also get the valuable Agri-Homeopathy script as a download.


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