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30 Days Pro License

30 days Pro licence (converting to *.ld Motec i2)

What is the RaceDataConverter?

The RaceDataConverter is a highly efficient tool for converting analysis data in motorsport applications. By using the export function of selected analysis tools (Bosch WinDarab, AIM Racestudio or WinTax), RaceDataConverter can convert the data into a format that can be read by Cosworth's Pi Toolbox Pro and Motec i2 Pro. This opens up a range of new possibilities.

The advantages at a glance:

  • having one main Workbook in one data analysis program
    • You can focus on one single data analysis program like Cosworth Pi Toolbox or Motec i2 Pro which makes you an expert of this without having a need of learn other analysis programs.
    • you can also set up one single workbook for different car brands and have no need to change it anyway. How to? Read the following!
  • Renaming channel names
    • If you have two cars of a different brand to compare you can use the renaming feature. For example: on one car the throttle channel is called "aps" and on the other car "ath", then you can rename both channels to "Throttle". By exporting this by the RaceDataConverter, both lines can be overlapped as they have now the same name.
  • Correct output units
    • Sometimes the unit will not be exported to the data file. This means, you have only the number without any unit attached. If you know the correct unit, for example mph, you can add this unit to the channel and change it later inside Cosworth Pi Toolbox or Motec i2 Pro to have it in the metric system.
  • Changing sample rates
    • Normally you only can export data with one single framerate eg. 100Hz. This leads to big data files. However, by changing the framerate of some channels, you can lower the file size.
      For example: Oil and Air temperature can be exported as 1Hz channels. This will lower the file size by 100 values each second!
  • Save your config file
    • if you have different cars with different systems, you can set up a config file for each car where you have all renamed channels or channels with a lower sample rate for reducing the file size. This makes it easy for you to change your systems very quickly.

You have selected the 30 days Pro License.

With this license you are able to convert all provided data to Motec i2 Pro (*.ld files) as well as to Cosworth Pi (*.txt files)

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