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'A Course in Lungeing' meets Marker Training


Online seminar

"A Course in Lungeing" meets Marker Training

by Babette Teschen

If you are looking for a way to teach your horse healthy movement patterns in a friendly and fun way: This one’s for you!

You will learn how to introduce your horse to lungeing via positive reinforcement. Using a marker signal and feeding praise during training gives you the chance to reward your horse immediately when it shows the desired behavior or movement. 

With the help of marker training your horse will be highly motivated and will enjoy working with you so much more. 

Having good communication skills with any horse is our goal. Our horses will become masters in reading our body language and therefore will be able to perform diverse riding figures in a healthy manner.

In this online seminar you will learn:

  • Conditioning to the marker
  • Politeness (“anti begging training”)
  • Proper treat training
  • Usage of targets
  • Explanation of aids
  • Basic exercises of the Course in Lungeing (first with cavesson, then in liberty)

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