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Pacesetting Leadership - A CEO's Blueprint

Pacesetting Leadership - A CEO's Blueprint

This guide to pacesetting leadership will help you to transform into a better leader, obtaining better results while causing less stress for colleagues and team members.

This Pacesetting Leadership Guide contains theory and practical advice based on my 20 years as a manager. The guide is delivered in PDF format, and contains:

  • Secret tips on how to best use Pacesetting Leadership to maximize the impact and limit the downsides
  • Complete description of Pacesetting Leadership
  • Practical examples of Pacesetting Leadership
  • Behaviors you should use for improved Pacesetting
  • Behaviors you should avoid when using pacesetting leadership
  • Examples of how your language can cause stress and what to say instead (body language as well)
  • Scenario examples of how Pacesetting Leadership can be used successfully
  • Background information on other leadership styles to use together with Pacesetting Leadership.

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