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Masterteaching Pineal Gland Activation with Gold Frequencies

Experience the state of pure consciousness in the Pineal Gland Master Teaching

  • GOLDEN AGE TRANSITION: The transformation from the carbon-based structure called Homo Sapiens to a crystal-based structure called Homo Luminous.
  • DECALCIFY WITH GOLD FREQUENCIES: The only contemporary activation to decalcify your PINEAL GLAND, activate it and soar up to the current quality of time.
  • EASY ​ACTIVATION: Easy-to-use activation tools that strengthen and further unlock your extrasensory perceptions.
  • ACTIVATION FORMULA: You will be amazed how this ACTIVATION FORMULA opens up your access to the field of Gold Frequencies and how you understand the power of gold
  • ​GROWTH UPDATES: We'll show you how your pineal gland stays activated, how it expands and how you become more and more clairvoyant in order to further advance your financial freedom.

This teaching will have an immense effect on your energy system. After the Master Teaching you will be able to apply the strategies to yourself and others.

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