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Mondays with Mahesh - 6th three-months-course

6th Three-Months-Course
19th September - 5th December 2022

Live-Talks & Videos

You purchase your access to the 12 live lectures and video recordings with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi. After payment you will receive the Zoom access data for the current live lectures as well as the personal access data for the video recordings by mail.

After your registration, the recordings are available to you for six months.


Dear colleagues,   

Due to continued demand, Mahesh’s fascinating series of lectures continues, in which he uses an exciting case to explain the PEM (Pesonal Evolution Model) he has developed in detail and in a way that is easy to understand. At the end of each lecture, Mahesh answers questions from the participants.

What Mahesh offers here, as both an experienced psychiatrist and homeopath, is unique and absolute pioneering work.

Coming from Sankaran’s sensation method, through Yakir’s plant system and Ericson’s psycho-social stages of development, Mahesh has created a profound and universal view of the human being in which he integrates all aspects of the human being, be it physical, mental or spiritual. This enables us to find a deeply effective homeopathic remedy through the normal human themes that emerge during the anamnesis, such as work, trust, recognition, etc. This is particularly helpful when there is no evidence of a specific problem. This is especially helpful when there is no vital sensation or sufficient symptom totality.

In recent courses Mahesh has fully integrated his deep and at the same time broad understanding of the chakras into his work with the PEM. In the meantime, he is able to show in each of his cases how disturbances, or illnesses, are expressed in the individual energy centres in the human organism. The knowledge of this enables a deeper understanding of the pathological conditions, be it physical, mental or spiritual, and can play an important role in the choice of the remedy.

As always, Mahesh will present very exciting cases of various psychiatric disorders such as phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, psychoses, depressions and bipolar disorders and teach us how we too can successfully treat such serious illnesses using his method.

So I wish you good learning and success in applying it so that even more desperate patients will find relief through your treatments.

I also hope you enjoy the lectures, which can only take place thanks to your participation. For this I would like to thank you again very much.

Yours Mike Keszler

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