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The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research

Buy This Guide Before You Buy A Franchise

With over 4,000 different franchise opportunities available these days, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to quickly separate the winners from the losers?

Winners being the highly profitable franchises. And losers being the “You’ll never make any money no matter what you do” franchise opportunities.

Well there is a way. It’s called research. And you only have one chance to do it right. But how?

How can you make sure you’re doing the best research possible?

By investing in “The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research.”  

Your research guide was incredibly helpful in preparing me for franchisee validation calls with the franchises I am looking at. Made the validation calls easier for both sides since I was prepared with good questions to ask. I will be in touch soon before I attend any discovery days to get some independent consulting from you.”

– David Pierce, Franchisee, PMI of Orlando, Florida  


Who Wrote The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research?

 The Franchise King®, Joel Libava.

joel libava franchise expert

Joel is an author and a franchise ownership advisor.

This 20+ year franchise industry veteran is known for his straightforward, honest style, and focuses on helping people looking to buy a franchise make smart choices.

In addition, he’s been interviewed and quoted by major publications like ABC News, Business Insider, Entrepreneur®, Fortune®, and more.  

 “I’ve been a fan of Joel’s for years. He’s picked a niche and made himself the undisputed expert. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to start a franchise or wanting to operate one more profitably.”

- Gene Marks, President, The Marks Group PC, Small Business Expert, CNBC, And Fox Business News Contributor    


Here’s What’s Included In This Comprehensive, Easy To Use Franchise Guide On Researching Franchises 

  • A huge list of powerful questions to ask franchise salespeople, so you can get specific (and sometimes hidden) franchise market research data on the franchises you’re investigating  
  • Never-before revealed online franchise industry research techniques you can use immediately to obtain information on any franchise opportunity currently being offered
  • A powerful way to easily get real information on your potential earnings as a franchise owner so you get a clear picture about what life could be like when you make your decision 
  • When and how to contact franchise owners, including a powerful, one-of-a-kind technique that will enable you to find out how much money they’re making in their franchise business without looking foolish 
  • A comprehensive list of franchise research questions to ask franchise owners when you contact them by phone or pay them a visit, that will practically force them to tell you everything they know
  • Several specific franchising research techniques you can use to find unhappy franchisees, so you can find out some of the negative aspects of the franchise

And a lot more!


3 Special Bonus Sections Included In The Guide

Bonus Section #1 shows you how to arrange in-person franchisee visits-and teaches you how to make the most of them  

Bonus Section #2 features inside information about the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement  

Bonus Section #3 provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way to do powerful research on new franchise opportunities-including what questions to ask new franchise owners  


Plus Free Worksheets To Help You Stay Organized

These worksheets include every single question you need to ask franchisors and every franchisee you talk to-along with plenty of space underneath to record their answers.

And the best part? You can use the worksheets over and over again.

Just print a worksheet out every time you research a franchise.  

You’re going to love having these worksheets and the franchise data you collect right by your side as you pursue your dream of being your own boss with a franchise business!  

Included: a 100% 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee for U.S. and UK Buyers! 

Franchise Research Done Right

Investigating and evaluating a franchise the right way enables you to choose the right franchise. A profitable business. And doing that could be the game-changer you need in your life.

But if you do it wrong… You’ll be climbing an uphill battle to just keep your franchise business afloat.

And if you can’t keep your business up and running? You’ll end up going out of business, losing a lot of money, and feeling embarrassed because your business...your dream didn’t make it.

The way to avoid that is by doing great research.


Buy This Guide Now, So You Can Select A Winning Franchise To Own!

This eBook’s content is top notch! Joel is definitely the 'go to’ expert when it comes to helping people learn what they need to know before they dive into a big commitment. I have no doubt anyone who is considering a franchise would make a far more informed decision knowing all the tips and tactics in this guide.”

– Denise O’Berry, Online Project Manager for Overwhelmed Small Business Owners

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