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Leadership Origins

The Leadership Origins E-book in pdf-format contains 116 pages featuring a collection of articles providing detailed understanding of the most important leadership theories from the 19th century until modern day.

This book explains background, pros, cons and practical approaches for the following leadership theories:

  • The Great Man Theory of Leadership
  • Behavioral leadership theory
  • The Kurt Lewin Leadership styles
  • The Ohio State Leadership Studies
  • The Michigan University Leadership Studies
  • Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid
  • Contingency theory of leadership
  • Fiedler’s Contingency Model
  • Path-Goal theory
  • The Situational Leadership Model  

Available in pdf format.

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  1. Resonant Leadership and introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  2. The Six Leadership Styles by Goleman
  3. How to use and switch between the six styles


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