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Digital Art Night Ticket

Digital Art Night Ticket EN | Startup Website

Register NOW for the Digital Art Night and create your own professional WordPress website step-by-step with us in just five simple steps.

After this workshop you will not only have your own website, but also the knowledge to maintain it and make changes yourself. You will be able to focus on your core business again and you will be able to approach potential customers and partners in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Fill out the order form now and click on the order button. Afterwards you are going to receive important preparation material of us via email, because without domain, texts and images, no website can be created.:
- Handout #1: Domain Purchase
- Handout #2: WordPress Installation
- Handout #3: Text, image and color

We highly recommend using two screens during the workshop night to follow the instructions on one screen while building your website on the other one.

Save your ticket now and let's get things done!

Your Digital Art Night Team


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