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MZ3 Photobook6

Create photo books automatically in a breeze

This license allows

  • Unlimited creation of offline books.
    Offline books are loaded from the local disk of your Windows or macOS computer (not from a server) and are displayed with the free mz3Viewer.
  • Creation of 1 Online Book per Activation Key
    For each online book an activation key is required. One activation key is already included in the license.
    Additional activation keys can be ordered now for a low price together with the license, or later as an "in-app" purchase in mz3Photobook.

Photobooks can be created automatically from any collection of images in simply dragging the folder with the collected photos into the Mz3 Photobook window.

You can view any book in the following ways:

  • Display in mz3Photobook program
    The created photo book will be displayed automatically in the main window.
  • Display in the free mz3Viewer
    On Windows and macOS PCs the free mz3Viewer can be installed.
    A book is opened with either a Double click or a Drag&Drop operation of the automatically created "mz3z file" (the "Offline package") into the viewer window.
  • Display in any modern browser
    All devices that use a modern Internet Browser are supported, also smartphones.
    For that the automatically created "Online package" (an automatically created folder with all files, programs and subfolders neeeded) must be uploaded via FTP to your own server.

Example of an online photo book from a picture selection

 Example of a Photo Book created with mz3Photobook


The books may contain advertisements, even paid ones!
A sale of the books is not allowed with this license, though! For this you'll need "the big brother" mz3Tool6 (new verion in preparation).


MZ3 act-key PhotoBook


Activation keys must be ordered either

  • together with a new order of a Mz3 Photobook license (option below as Add On)
  • OR by calling this page as an "in-app purchase" from within the Mz3 Photohop program:
    "Help - Registration" -> SHOP button.

This is necessary so that the activation keys can be correctly assigned to a Photobook license!

Choose how many additional books you want to publish with your mz3Photobook license online over the internet.

The purchased activation keys will be automatically added in the MegaZine3 database to the corresponding mz3Photobook license right after the payment confirmation, and will be available in the program within a few minutes.

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