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PAPERBACK - Get a limited physical edition of the book now for only incl. shipping
Get Your Guided Meditation Bundle - A guide journey into the world of Inner Fire Meditation

The guided audio meditations are a perfect complement to the book, as they directly support the practice and lead you on a guided journey of Inner Fire Meditation.

The "Chakra Cleansing" process consists of four basic practices. Originally, these were designed to prepare a student’s subtle body and chakras for the practice of Inner Fire Meditation. However, you can also use them independently, in order to rapidly clear your subtle nervous system, balance your chakras and, in general, establish a connection with your subtle body.

“Guided Inner Fire Meditation” guides you to experience the first four fundamental stages of Inner Fire. It is the highway to self-realization and an instant awakener of kundalini. As such, it is the bringer of true bliss.

35€ Value - available for just 25€ ONLY on this page. Add this to your purchase Now.