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The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners

A mini-bootcamp for learning the complete software development life cycle

Course includes:

  • 13 Chapters, 96 Lectures
  • 24+ Hours of videos
  • Animated theoretic explanations
  • Hands-On Demos
  • Exclusive Community and Support
  • English Subtitles
  • Course Certificate


What you'll learn

Understand the complete Software Development Lifecycle by doing them hands-on:

1 - Plan:

  • Understand the software development workflow
  • Understand roles in a software project and its tasks and responsibilities
  • Learn about Agile and Scrum
  • Create Jira Board and Sprints

2 - Develop:

  • Learn Programming Basics
  • Write simple application with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Concepts of versions, open source, frameworks and libraries, package manager npm
  • Learn Vue.js framework
  • Write web application with Vue.js, Node.js and MongoDB
  • Learn how to write Frontend and Backend of web application and how to connect them
  • Learn about databases, different types of databases
  • How to connect backend with database

3 - Test

  • Understand why testing is important
  • Learn about different types of testing
  • Write unit and integration tests

4 - Release or Deploy

  • Know how to package and run an application
  • Linux and Cloud basics
  • Learn about HTTP, IP addresses, Ports, SSH
  • Create virtual server on cloud
  • Prepare and deploy application on it

 And much more! 

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