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With our Successful Negotiating Instant Result Program you do not leave your negotiation success up to a chance! Get ready and go for it!

This Successful Negotiating Instant Result Program is right for you if you  ...

  • I am applying for a new contract job and preparing for the job interview. But I am unsure how to approach the salary and compensation package negotiation. And I am afraid and wonder how I should respond to and cope with killer statements they might say so I can keep the conversation constructive and open.
  • As a freelancer (or solopreneur or small business owner ) I want to ensure with skillful and confident negotiation that I receive the market-realistic pricing for my goods and services. But I feel I lack negotiation skills and I am not sure about the actual market pricing and my own market value.
    I am employed and I want to start preparations so I can ask and negotiate for salary raises and increased benefits - but I don't know how.
  • As a freelancer (or solopreneur or small business owner) I feel often very uncomfortable, intimidated and shy during negotiations - and at the end I feel bad about the outcome and that I did not dare to stand my ground and to ask for what I feel is appropriate.
  • I have contributed to a project that significantly increased my customer's profits, but I am shy to ask for additional compensation or benefits and I wonder how to approach this discussion and negotiation. I feel a lack courage and confidence to bring this topic up and to negotiate it.

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Very helpful to understand when you better walk away from negotiations - and when you might want to even raise what you ask for. Gives you better perspectives on the dynamics and possible questions. // Patrick, Switzerland

I finally have a feeling that I know what to say and that I will have a control over some conversations. // Liam, Ireland

It gave me confidence in my recent chat with HR - I got a pay raise!// Wiebke, Germany

The program gave me structure and showed me what rules apply in negotiations. //  Michael, Poland

recommend it, very helpful! // Marc, Ireland

This program breaks the whole process down to pieces, not afraid of negotiating anymore. I still don't love negotiations but at least I am more confident now.// Martha, Spain

Trust the Process of this Successful Negotiating Instant Result Program 

This Successful Negotiating Instant Results Program combines Negotiation Coaching and a straight-forward step-by-step preparation guide. 

You will take your negotiation success into your own hands from now on! You will learn how to prepare for any negotiation with a clear goal, how to set boundaries and how to choose your strategy and play tactics considering all involved parties and interests.


The program provides you with everything you need to master any negotiation in your life, career or business with confidence and clear limits. Benefit from our expertise and experience! Start now and build skills for life!

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