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Our Premium Career Self Coaching Program helps you to be determined, clear & decisive so you can pave your own professional ways.

This Premium Career Self Coaching Program is right for you if you  ...

  • I want to develop in my career and want change jobs.
  • I want clarity about what I am exactly looking for in terms of role and salary and benefits.
  • I want clarity about how to select the right offer.
  • I want to be prepared to make this job change happen quite fast.

With MY NU WAYS! Business you become the Game Changer to a healthier and wealthier Life & thriving Business! Join our ONLINE BUSINESS SPACE to dedicate focused time to yourself & to your Business. 

As Business Owner, Freelancer or Sole Proprietors you need to find NU ways to keep revenue up and to remain relevant and thriving in our current economical and social-political climate. And all this in balance with your personal well-being & health. Reach your Business & Life Goals with us fast and impactful while focusing on your business growth and personal development. With our affordable, flexible and transformative Business Solutions and Change Enablement Coaching you can get there fast, effective and purposeful. Learn more.

I have found the new job! And it was so much easier after taking this program. You get there coaching so you can decide what you want to do and how and also you get a lot of knowledge like how to create a CV or what to do in an intervie // Paul, Netherlands

I have bought it for my daughter as she is about to finish her leaving cert and she will be looking for a new job. // Gabrielle, Ireland

I skipped some of the exercises as there were too many for what I needed  but the program was very helpful. // Max, Germany

I wouldn't have time to attend coaching sessions during the day and I could take this program whenever I wanted.// Ruth, Spain

Trust the Process of this Premium Career Self Coaching Program

This Career Journey Program combines Career Coaching & Job Hunt Enablement. It helps you to see the whole picture of your career so far, your career aspirations and where to you like to develop it. It drives your clarity, confidence and motivation, it provides you information about latest practices in the job search process and templates that you will need during the job search process. 

This all provides you with everything you need to make a change towards your new job. Melanie & Angelika have created this Program to support you in this not-easy-step in your career so you can follow along and stress less during searching, applying and interviewing for your new dream job. Also, you benefit from our Online Community so you never walk alone.

You can mix and match all our Self Coaching Programs and benefit from a unique coaching experience that fits your needs and supports you in your everyday life. 

Browse through our programs on Self-Care and Well-Being, building healthy lifestyle and relationships, driving your personal and professional development - and nurturing your curiosity to empower the best version of yourself.

If you'd like to purchase more than one program, take advantage of our Business & Life Membership options and get access to all our Self Coaching Programs at a discounted rate.